With the digital revolution, the leader’s relevant presence through all digital crosschannels is a keystone of credibility which impacts directly on the company’s business ecosystem.


CEOs are the 1st companies’ ambassadors towards their various constituencies


Everyone “digital-checks” someone’s profile before a first encounter


Making your expertise visible creates the halo effect which perpetuates your credibility both inside your company and in your business sector


Digital presence is the way to stay close to all stakeholders and bridge through generations, teams, clients, press
and influencers

Managing digital presence is a long term activation
. it calls for strategy, precision, consistency
. though essential, it is a time-consuming process
Partnering with a digital ghostwriter is the best way to manage a right, targeted, coherent and lasting presence


The Digital Ghostwriter’s keyrole
Design and production of content and images that bring high added value to your digital presence