Our fields of work

We love the tremendous challenges of the brisk transitions of our times, and we assist large companies as well as start-ups.

Our key lines: transport, e-commerce, banking, finance, insurance, real estate, CSR, newtech, management, millenials, digital transformation, innovation…

We work as ghostwriters for CEOs and top management. We assist each of our client through a real tailored approach to their needs: from acculturation, to initial introduction and basic training about social media, up to the development of a strong and lasting expertise

We ensure that our services are completely confidential and for that reason we never communicate about our clients.

Our know-hows


For a truly international approach and a comprehensive strategy of expertise branding Le Meunier Qui Dort works along with Incredibly.co, its London digital communication partner agency, connecting people through moving stories and marketing strategies.

Team of  Le Meunier Qui Dort


Violaine Champetier de Ribes

President and Founder of Le Meunier Qui Dort


« Forget the label see the person », is the quote from which Le Meunier Qui Dort was founded.

As freelance writer, editor and head of section, I have worked for French magazines, newspapers and publishers such as Le Nouvel Observateur, Editions Champérard and France-Soir Ouest. I have also carried rewriting works on command for press publications, business leaders and publishers. Subsequently, I was responsible for internal and external publications, websites and social networks for several agencies including Le Public Système-Hopscotch (communication and event agency), a French professional federation, and Séance Publique (French lobbying agency). I have also spent 3 years in a solicitors office where rigorousness and confidentiality are mentoring keywords.

Le Meunier Qui Dort is the result of my will to muster a team of professionals with sharp and appropriate skills to fit the dazzling transitions of our time. My ambition is to develop innovative services to meet the new communication needs of leaders and organisations, so they can keep the pace and stay ahead, blowing the right wind through their wings.

Brand ambassador for L’Observatoire COM MEDIA
Member of Facilitation Committee of Comm’Elles
Author of the blog : lemeunierquidort.com/blog/
Twitter : @VioChamp LinkedIn : violainech2r


Valentine Champetier de Ribes

Graphic Designer
Artistic Director


Graphic Designer and Artistic Director for more than 20 years, Valentine is a graduate from L’Ecole Nationale des Arts Appliqués – Olivier de Serre and teaches at the Ecole IntuitLab in Paris. She works in Paris and Avignon.
She designs graphic charters and communication tools for print and web corporate and institutional visual identities developing thorough styles to give organisations their visual brand. Valentine also supervises the designers we gather to carry out our cross channels visual campaigns.


Matthieu Prier



Matthieu Prier is a professional photographer who works for publishing houses, the press, and corporate companies. He has published more than 50 books with various publishers among which Editions Solar, Flammarion, Hatier, Atlas… He teaches photography at INA Sup (Ecole de l’Institut National de l’Audiovisuel) and is fantastic at catching who you are through his camera so your image matches what you want to tell about you.


Didier de Thoisy

Community Manager


Didier is the social networks enchanter. His lynx eye screens online channels and juggles with web intelligence to weave engaging conversations with your audience. He’s managed social networks and strategical moderation for more than 10 years working for corporate and institutional clients on brand activations as well as political, social and international issues.