We assist leaders to embody the strategy and vision of their company
through their online presence.

Our exclusive ghostwriting and creative idea generating strategies are sharpened to feature and manage leaders’ issues on crossmedia to address their digital audience with their valuable expertise.

We promote and enpower the expert in each leader with tools and messages that connect personal branding and corporate communications, because leaders must take the digital floor and spread the word about what makes them unique,



Le Meunier Qui Dort


The expetise branding agency


Because today written words reinforce the value of your own voice, because today writing is the echo of your spoken words ; because from now on, it’s not enough to stand and talk, it is a must to seize the words and type them out…

For whom?

CEOs, top management, corporate and organisations.


On and off line (social networks, books, articles, interviews, videos).


Through cultivating presence strategy, e-reputation, customized content writing, editorialized commitments and words that translate the entrepreneurial vision.

…and because viral marketing gets its value only when it is embodied

In support of words and digital presence we believe human relations must stay a priority. So we have developed the “Meunier Live” dedicated to dynamic disruptive and participatory events so that « in real life », as well, the substance of your presence applies to all the forms of its expressions.

Forget the label, see the person!

Expertise branding

Promoting and marketing a company’s brand, is called branding.
Developing and managing one’s own image, is called personal branding.

Le Meunier Qui Dort goes further binding the image and the personalisation of the company
through its leader with expertise branding.